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name: georgina blussenlufe
age: 16
birthday: feb 15
sex: girl lol
location: germany
sexuality: striahgt
tattoos/piercings: tattoos across my fingers which read "comunism"


make up brand: I use a burnt cork for my mustache
dictator, past or present: hitler, obviously.
1. I hate music
2.I hate music
3. I hate music
4.I hate music
5.I hate music
6.I hate music
7.I hate music
8.I hate music
9.I hate music
10. britney spears
1.I hate music
2.I hate music
3.I hate music
4.I hate music
5.I hate music
6.I hate music
7.I hate music
8.I hate music
9.I hate music
10.I hate music
1.I hate movies
2.I hate movies
3.I hate movies
4.I hate movies
5.I hate movies
6.I hate movies
7.I hate movies
8.I hate movies
9.I hate movies
10.I hate movies
hot celebs:
1.I hate them all!!
2.I hate them all!!
3.I hate them all!!
4.I hate them all!!
5.I hate them all!!
6.I hate them all!!
7.I hate them all!!
8.I hate them all!!
9.I hate them all!!
10.I hate them all!!

Short Answers
what makes you a superdiva? probably my style
what are some of your worst habits? I don't have any
describe your first sexual encounter(if you have ever had one): it was with a man. his name started with an H.
what makes you different? uhh, well I really try to be different... so my punkness, I guess.
what would you do if you and your bestfriend were posioned, but there was only enough medicicine to cure one of you? I would let the stupid fucker die.
how would you describe your "style"? nazipunk oi oi oi
what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? nothing.
what's your worst fear? I have no fears

Thoughts On...

suicide: it is good if you are a jew
abortion: I hate children kill the babies before they kill us
drugs: yes
obesity: I hate fatties they are so fat yuck!!
veganism: for wussies. I prefer raw meat
gay marriage: say no to fags
gay sex: NO!
pre-marital sex: EVERDYDAY
velveeta: I do not know who he is
k-mart: never heard ofit

four pictures. at least one must be a body shot:

(told you I am punk)
anything extra you want to tell, or show us (pictures of pets, friends, accessories, etc. stories, poems, thoughts on other things, etc.): VIVA LA GEORGINA!
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You are beautiful.
You are teh hott!!!
p.s. you TOTTALLY make me lol !!
you'r awesome and soopretty. I saw your profile on makeoutclub!!

Deleted comment

Smooches hun.

Gee... way to look punk... Its so... preppy. :)
thx I try rilly hard

avril & good foujd glory ar my inpserasions
Thought you hated music, homophobe. :)

Deleted comment

Its my favourite slash.