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i don't want to say purple dishwater monkey, it's stupid


name: jessica
age: fifteen
birthday: 05-03
sex: female
location: oklahoma
sexuality: bisexual
tattoos/piercings: 1 tattoo, tongue piercing


make up brand: m.a.c.
dictator, past or present: i think this question sucks.
1. le shock
2. bright eyes
3. norma jean
4. le tigre
5. underoath
6. pedro the lion
7. alexisonfire
8. atreyu
9. t.a.t.u.
10. every time i die
1. we are electrocution - le shock
2. bless the martyr & kiss the child - norma jean
3. 200 km/h in the wrong lane - t.a.t.u
4. achilles hell - pedro the lion
5. hot damn - every time i die
6. frail words collapse - as i lay dying
7. ghost world soundtrack
8. rushmore soundtrack
9. watch out - alexisonfire
10. fevers & mirrors - bright eyes
1. rushmore
2. ghost world
3. napoleon dynamite
4. the art of talking to girls
5. arsenic and old lace
6. elephant
7. se7en
8. the bad seed
9. the world according to garth
10. life is beautiful

hot celebs:
1. claudio sanchez
2. gerad way
3. jon heder
4. aaron ruell
5. efren ramierz
6. jason schwartzman
7. mikey way
8. adam lazzara
9. conor oberst
10. travis stever

Short Answers

what makes you a superdiva? my 1534354 scene points
what are some of your worst habits? i don't have any
describe your first sexual encounter(if you have ever had one): it was with some guy/girl (i can't remember i was so wasted) after some show. was great.
what makes you different? my 1534354 points.
what would you do if you and your bestfriend were posioned, but there was only enough medicicine to cure one of you? they'd die.
how would you describe your "style"? scene
what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? nothing
what's your worst fear? missing a show

Thoughts On...

suicide: sucks to be you
abortion: poor babies
drugs: awesome
obesity: that's disgusting
veganism: awesome, i'm totally vegan
gay marriage: i think it's a great thing
gay sex: great!
pre-marital sex: all sex is just great
velveeta: sick
k-mart: i never shop there

four pictures. at least one must be a body shot:

anything extra you want to tell, or show us (pictures of pets, friends, accessories, etc. stories, poems, thoughts on other things, etc.): nothing i can think of.

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